Healthy Eating

A healthy body and mind is essential to a child's development and so with this in mind our experienced cooks prepare fresh, nutritious, wholesome meals designed on a 3 week rotation menu. In contributing to a child's 5 a day we offer fresh fruit at all times along with snacks and drinks and the team are there to help assist with any special dietary requirements your child may have. All children enjoy meal times together as we feel this is a valuable experience for encouraging social and personal skills while learning about healthy eating.

At Les Enfants we pride ourselves in holding the "Kirklees Healthy Eating Award" at Gold Standard Level and we are also rated a Level 5 (very good) for cleanliness and hygiene by the Foods Standards Agency.


We have a 3 week rotation of menus and below are examples of the dishes that we serve in all our nurseries for Lunch, Tea and Snacks.

Lunch Menu

Tea Menu

Snack Menu

Vegetarian Menu