Policies and Procedures

To ensure that Les Enfants Nurseries meets all statutory requirements as identified by the Department for Education Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, (birth to five), a comprehensive policies and procedures manual has been developed.

This manual contains 37 different policies which dictate the way the nurseries operate and how they are run, it is reviewed on a regular basis.

A copy of the manual is located in the entrance of each nursery and is available for prospective and existing clients to study, as it is a legal requirement that this document is available at all times it cannot be removed from the nursery.

Below is a small selection of policies, which we feel are most likely to be of interest to prospective clients.

Download PDF: Visions and Values

Download PDF: Safeguarding Policy

Download PDF: Arrivals and Departures Policy 2015

Download PDF: Key Person Policy

Download PDF: Partnership with Parents Policy 2015

Download PDF: Settling in and Transitions Policy 2015

Download PDF: Unwell Child Policy 2015